"Struttura - G0090"


Giulio Vesprini X Honey Badger Decks


Our first collaboration with Giulio Vesprini


Giulio Vesprini is an independent artist living and working in Civitanova Marche, Italy. He is also the founder of his own graphic design studio and has tranformed the Port of his hometown; Civitanova Marche through his urban development project: VEDO A COLORI
Giulio is an all round artist, who moves freely from graphic design to illustration, from painting to street art, from video and photo to architecture. His works are very minimalstic where the shapes he creates represents the main ideas.


His longboard is a beautiful example of this. We are very happy to have collaborated with him.


All artist collaborated decks are not intended for riding, but are for art purposes.

Giulio X Honey Badger Decks

  • Length: 130cm | 51in

    Width: 30cm | 12in

    Medium: Acrylic & Oil pastel on wood

    Edition: 1/1

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