THOR X Honey Badger Decks


Our first collaboration with Thor!


THOR, another artist from Lastplak, wanted to try something different and decided to screen-print his design.  The man in the middle seems to be strangled by a Chinese-inspired dragon, caught between two dark shades.  Flip the deck over and these shades continue in a beautiful matter. Great deck all-in-all and we cant wait to see what he does in the future.


Curated By Vroom&Varossieau.


About Lastplak:

Lastplak is a group of nine artists based in Rotterdam that produces quality art regardless of medium, surface, size or location.  A collaboration with these guys was the obvious choice due to their wide portfolio of original street art, and their great understanding of Honey Badger Decks’ vision. (Check them out here)


All artist collaborated decks are not intended for riding, but are for art purposes.


  • Length: 130cm

    Width:  30cm

    Medium: Screen-print

    Edition: 1 of 1

    Wood used: Maple & Birch

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