Vroom & Varossieau

Vroom&Varossieau Urban Contemporary Art


Vroom&Varossieau’s main focus in on the urban contemporary and street art movements. They aim to bring you the most exciting artists in this field from internationally acclaimed stars, to the best talents direct to their gallery in Amsterdam. They work internationally with artists they represent, organising mural commissions, exhibitions and other urban contemporary art related projects. 


Why Vroom&Varossieau?

Vroom&Varossieau are one of the leading contemporary and street art galleries in the world. We want to give our customers the best, through decks, through art. Thats why it was an easy decision to partner with Vroom&Varossieau as they have a grave amount knowledge and experience in the field and we value their judgement. Together we will create some sensational decks for you.

Caliber Truck Co

Caliber Truck Co.

Caliber is a skateboard truck manufacturer. They are known for the high-quality trucks, which are reliable and  durable. Caliber supplies trucks for all types of longboard, city cruisers, downhill, they can guarantee that no matter how yo use your longboard, they have something for you.

Why Caliber?

On top of having a reliable and durable truck for our customers, their minimalistic designs approach is where we personally think they stand out from the crowd. They fit our decks perfectly as they try and not go over the top, but just give the essentials.