1. How can I order a Custom-Made deck?

If you are interested in a Custom-Made deck you can head over to our custom page, check out the PDF file and write us an email with how you would like your deck to look like.  Pictures are welcome too. We will email you back either with further questions, or with a quote. Once the design has been completed and the quote has been paid we will start working on your deck. We will also provide you with an estimation of how long it will take. This is an estimation though and not a 100% deadline.

2. Not satisfied with your deck?

Before ordering one of our longboards we recommend you read our terms & conditions, and our return policies. If the deck is something completely different you were expecting, just email us. We want to do everything possible (within reason) to ensure that you have the longboard you either want to ride or look at all day.

3. You want to buy a collaborated deck but has been sold. Still possible?

Again, email us. It will definitely not be the same one, as that is against our beliefs. However we can contact the artist to see if it would be possible to do another collaboration. This deck would be held exclusively for you. This isn't something we can guarantee though as some artists are just crazy busy. Time of completion is also dependant on the artist.

4. Your an artist and you want to collaborate?

Awesome, we would love to check out your work. You can send this to portfolio@honeybadgerdecks.com. Do be warned, we don't collaborate with everyone. Your work would have to fit one of our collections that we are working on. Don't get offended if we don't collaborate with you. We need to maintain the image we are going for.

5. Can you send us free stuff?

As much as we want everyone to try our products, this is something we won't be doing. Don't bother asking.

6. Can you give me a shoutout?

If we find something worth mentioning, we will. Till that time, no.