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Custom Longboard
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Custom Longboard

Here at HBD we specialise in custom made longboards and our goal is to provide everyone with their ideal board. Your imaginative requests challenges us to create the most unique boards suited for each and everyone of you. Yet we also value the beauty of artistic simplicity. For this precise reason, we decided to give you the choice between 2 options. 
What is your preference? Bare-Bones, for the simple model or Elite for the imaginative model.


A simple deck, just the essentials. The Bare-Bones model comes with a limited number of exclusive options.


A Deck exactly the way you want it to be. The Elite model gives you a wide range of options and is fully customisable.

Take a look at our PDF and send us an email with your idea. Once you get in contact with us we can discuss the details.

Custom Longboard